From Rebecca Gacel and Quadriga Art International staff. At Quadriga Art, we realize that developing a successful direct marketing campaign from beginning to end is complex. Every goal requires a comprehensive package of strategy, design, printing, manufacturing, logistics and analytical capabilities that can be overwhelming to organizations focused primarily on donor relationships and fundraising. Rebecca [...]


Quadriga Art Thought Leadership: The Life Cycle Approach to Fundraising Each stage of life is unique unto itself, yet connected to the stages that both precede and follow. At Quadriga Art, we recognize the same process is true for a fundraising campaign; it is not a compilation of separate strategies, but a series of interconnected [...]


Just because we have TV doesn’t mean we don’t have books, and just because we have email marketing doesn’t mean we don’t have direct mail. In a world of technological progress and a wealth of online marketing tools, it’s all too easy to assume that direct mail is a lost cause – but that’s not [...]


Thought Leadership from Rebecca Gacel and the Quadriga Art International team Imagine the flawless direct marketing campaign: a perfectly crafted appeal reaching the targeted ideal donor, through a medium and with a message so suited to their personality and giving preferences that they not only respond, but with a larger gift than their previous one. [...]

Nov 022012

Dear clients, partners, and colleagues – All of us at Quadriga Art hope that everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and made it through without any significant impact on you or your family. Our New York, New Jersey, Maryland and New Hampshire offices were in Sandy’s path, but all of them made [...]


“Do you not still get a little thrill of anticipation when the postman shows up, even though you know 99% of what you receive will not hold any value for you? There might be a surprise waiting: A letter from an old friend, a check from a client, and (yes) even an interesting offer from [...]


“It’s too expensive,” says the small businessperson! It is only too expensive if it doesn’t work (which is the case with all marketing, right?) So prepare your campaign carefully, get good advice, and keep a very narrow focus on only those prospects who most fit your preferred customer profile. This quote was featured on

Oct 292012

“The fact that I am still getting mail from reputable companies whom I consider good marketers, tells me there is still value to be obtained through “old-fashioned direct mail.” This quote was published on

Oct 262012

Marketing professionals are always striving to innovate. Let’s face it, the idea of trying something new in the field of marketing is nothing new. Firms continually vie to stand out from the crowd and create campaigns that grab hold of people. Once you break through the barrier of scepticism you can start having a conversation [...]


Charity leaders are feeling more optimistic about their organisations’ financial prospects in the forthcoming year, according to a new report by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. The umbrella body’s latest quarterly Charity Forecast Survey, carried out last month and published today, shows that 31 per cent of the 200 or so NCVO members who [...]

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