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Migrating a marketing concept from the drawing board into the hands of your constituents can seem risky and costly. This is why test marketing for a product or service is critical when budgets are tight. Having sound, reliable feedback on how the market will react to a direct marketing concept is invaluable.

There are many ways to test market a concept prior to the introduction of a campaign or product to the market, and Quadriga Art International can help guide you to the one that’s right for you.

Knowing what, when and how to test is Quadriga’s specialty. Organizations have more options than ever before, with technology and big data providing the ability to test lists, direct mail responses, email responses, social media impact, offer feedback … even timing and creative. The accurate collection and analysis of data is the key to our ability to help our clients develop high performing fundraising campaigns.

Testing is not just a one-time proposition. Organizations should test and retest at every possibly opportunity, as donor preferences and loyalties are continually shifting and repositioning. Your message and delivery c the science of testing and the strategies needed to take non-profit and other organizations to the highest fundraising levels possible.

Quadriga Art believes in the value of testing, whether direct mail, email or a multi-channel effort. A recent survey of 330 enterprise-level marketers* revealed that most still are not testing their direct marketing campaigns. While many of them reportedly compile statistics on segmentation responses, at Quadriga Art we know that demographic segmentation by factors such as age, income and gender isn’t sufficient to accurately predict outcome and success. For example, half of the respondents said they tested 25% or less of their email campaigns and 10% admitted to no testing at all.

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