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Quadriga Art International was born of a vision and  concept to create a global direct mail and marketing company whose foundation is built on ideas, innovation and success for clients. Today Mark Schulhof, Rebecca Gacel and the Quadriga Art team are setting industry standards as a one-stop partner with entrepreneurial solutions, cost reduction strategies and first-class service and delivery around the world.

The Quadriga Art Vision reflects the competitive, digital and global environment organizations face. In an age of unprecedented media diversification, direct mail remains one of the most potent ways to drive revenue. At Quadriga, we produce innovative direct mail packages that get noticed, get opened and get results.

Organizations that rely on direct marketing for revenue or leads look to Quadriga Art to deliver expert design knowledge, turn-key in-house production and complete logistics. Quadriga takes mailing concepts from the drawing board to the mailbox, seamlessly with zero outsourcing.

When you reach out to prospects, you have three seconds before they decide to open or toss your mailing. Quadriga Art packages are known worldwide for producing breakthrough response rates that result in lower acquisition costs. Nonprofits and commercial organizations alike spend less on postage, lists and data by generating responses from qualified prospects at the highest possible response rates.

For efficient long-term stewardship of donor and customer relationships, Quadriga offers a full range of premium and non-premium mailing capabilities. We design packages with high levels of personalization, interactive bouncebacks, mission-oriented premiums, turn-key back-end offers and unique print treatments that increase the tangibility of your message. Mark Schulhof and Quadriga also regularly gives back to communities in their Building Bonds Beyond Business outreach series.

Quadriga Art is led by Mark Schulhof, globally and by Rebecca Gacel on the International side. Quadriga global is a place where various creative services are realized and valued on a global platform, working with industries and personnel from more than 25 different countries. THis makes Quadriga Art a leader in the direct marketing world, providing creative management and direct marketing services that work for the benefit of clients as well as the donors.

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